What we do for the environment.

Since we started in February, we have made all our clothes in Portugal. There are multiple reasons why, but the main reason is sustainability. We want to take you through the production, distribution, and business process to find out how we make our clothes sustainable.


A big problem in the clothing industry is the transportation of heavy fabrics between countries and continents. We have reduced the transportation of materials by using a local dying and development manufacturer. The manufacturer is based only 1 kilometer from where the clothes are put together.


In the summer of 2019, we changed our location from Stjordal in the middle part of Norway to Oslo. By moving to Oslo, we can now reduce the distance from our warehouse to where most of our customers live.


Our goal is to never see a plastic bag in nature with our name on it. From the launch in August, we switched to bio poly mailers. If the bag ended up in the environment, it would become compost within a few months.